• rory

    launched coupe rokei with business partner keith funai in 1985; associations: intercoiffure north america, canada. creator of the only skincare with rose mcgowan.


    quote from the partner:

    “amazingly creative, enormously talented, generous and caring. i’m lucky to be her partner!”


  • keith

    launched coupe rokei with business partner rory mcgowan in 1985; associations: intercoiffure; favorites: short geometric outlines with razored interiors.



    "i became a hairdresser because my father was a barber and I loved the way he took care of his clients.”


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  • fran

    coupe rokei 2006;  stylist, educator, salon brand educator for wella professional; bbu nyc: color, styling, razor cutting; contributor and consultant for dansko blog.


    quote from the top:

    "fran is great at creating fun, textured styles with a razor, is always entertaining, and her sense of humor is as sharp as her razor blade."


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  • lissa

    coupe rokei 2004     9 years guest services, assistant color technician.


    quote from the top:

    "add Lissa's sunny personality and sense of humor to her dedication to her craft and love for the beauty industry and you have the makings of a great stylist."


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  • althya

    coupe rokei 2015: apprenticeship program; passions: short hair, men's cuts, curly hair; urban exploration and art of many forms


    quote from the top:

    "Althya has a great flair for style and beauty ranging from retro to modern and she does it all with such fun."

  • kenny

    coupe rokei 1985;  stylist, salon educator, manager. passion: designing hairstyles to bring out the best of a person’s face shape and features, classic up-dos, precision cutting, classic shapes.


    quote from the top:

    “if you haven’t got a kenny in your salon, you’d better find one…….quickly!”

  • joe

    coupe rokei: 1990—2001, 2015-, founder Mode Organic: 2001-2015; passions: keeping guests up-to-date seasonally and over time with innovative techniques and practices.


    Quote from the top:

    “An amazing passion for his craft, studying globally, astute, versatile, and highly skilled, a born hairdresser!”


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  • anne

    coupe rokei 1985; hair and special effects make-up artist for seattle opera, commercials, and film.  celebs: vigo mortensen, tony collette, eva marie saint, jerry seinfeld , lou ferigno.


    quote from the top:

    "one of the best period hair and special effects make-up artists around”

  • sandra

    coupe rokei 1989: england, u.s. master esthetician, educator further education teacher's certificate (uk), bio brasion training, microcurrent training, ucla skincare for cosmetic professionals


    quote from the top:

    "after 39 years in the biz, sandra is still the most dedicated, diligent, serious about your skin, go to esthetician for your skincare needs."

  • nonok

    coupe rokei 2018: cuts and color; balayage, blondes. specialty: bridal hair and makeup


    quote from the top:

    "Nono is an amazing  bridal hair and make-up artist, her talent and personality is a perfect fit for making a bride feel comfortable, beautiful and confident!"


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  • collin

    coupe rokei 2019: women's and men's cuts, balayage,hair painting,hombre


    quote from the top:

    "Collin's passion is all about customizing the cut and color to suit his client's look and personality"


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